Meet our Teachers

JoVonna Zuppa

Namaste! My name is JoVonna Zuppa, but most people call me Jo. I'm the owner here at YogiBare Studies. I consider myself very fortunate to have been raised in a very conscious family who instilled the importance of holistic health, intellect, and compassion in me at a young age. I began my yoga journey at the age of 7 at Dragonfly Yoga, where I completed my 200 hour teacher training in 2016. I plan to continue my education in the 8 limb path of yoga as well as the healing arts of Reiki and Ayurveda. I will forever pursue the expansion of my knowledge in all things that better myself and bring me closer to source, truth, and enlightenment. In my classes, I always encourgae students to listen to their bodies and find their own truth. I incorporate breath, chakra and energy work, hand mudras, and my passion for music with mantra chanting and sacred frequency. I dedicate my life to this practice, and hope to bring others the healing and self awareness it has brought me. 

Kristine Normand

 Through deep soul and spiritual searching, Kristine forged her path in yoga through a deep appreciation of holistic medicine, crystals, energy healing, eastern philosophy, astrology, numerology, and all mystical modalities. Yoga complimented her natural interests and became a tool for her own deep soul healing. Her first love in yoga is Kundalini and she is a devoted practitioner of this spiritual technology. She delves in her yoga studies teaching the power of yoga in aligning your physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual bodies. Aside from practicing Kundalini, Kristine loves to teach slow flow yoga. Whether it is yin yoga or hot yoga, she enjoys teaching the power of slow conscious movement in yoga. Her classes not only focus on the physical postures, but always include pranayama (breathwork), meditation, sound healing and the space to connect with source, true Self, and the body. 

Vanessa Cintron

 Vanessa Cintrón began her career 18 years ago, graduated as Bachelor of Dance at the National University of Costa Rica, studying different disciplines such as music, theater, choreography, ballet and anatomy.In 2005 Vanessa traveled to Brazil  to complete her studies with Aerial Dance, Yoga and Bodywork. Two years after she traveled to El Salvador where she worked as Producer of the National Dance School, and in 2008 became a member of the National Dance Company. Working as a soloist, choreography assistant and yoga teacher, Vanessa has toured internationally to Central, South America and Europe. She has taken various certifications and workshops such as Hatha,Ashtanga Acro and Vayu Aerial Yoga, her classes are characterized by a playful atmosphere, great playlist and combination of  knowledge that promotes personal acceptance.